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The Simple Truth-5 Ways to Use Micellar Water
While the latest it beauty regimens will leave you lasered, covered in honey, and literally freezing in a negative 264-degree chamber, the next big thing in beauty is decidedly much more low-key-as in cleansing your face with nothing but water-type low-key.
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You Won't Believe What the Most Googled Skin-Care Trend Is
Close your eyes and imagine an ideal night in. If catching up on your Netflix queue while indulging in a nourishing face mask and a tall glass of wine sounds cozy AF, you're not alone: According to Google, basically every other person in the country has the same mindset, because, this just in: The most Googled skin-care trend is-you guessed it- masking.
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These Are The Top 2017 Skincare Trends, According To Google
As 2016 came to a close, it became clear that people have been paying more and more attention to what ingredients go into creating their favorite products. The top 2017 skincare trends according to Google included searches for vegan beauty items, det
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Though total volume is relatively low in comparison to other top trending terms, there has been an increase in searches for men’s skin care products across all three markets. While men’s body- and soap-related searches continue to grow, there is a lot of interest in skin care products for the face, including face wash, moisturizers, and branded facial brushes. As searches for men’s skin care-related products are evolving from more general terms like “men’s skin care” to more specific terminology such as “men’s face wash,” there is opportunity to educate men (and those who shop for them) on the different nuances for each product type. 
These Will Be the Biggest Skincare Trends in 2017, According to Dermatologists
Remember when the words "hyaluronic acid" still sounded otherworldly? How about when Foreo's Luna was the buzziest new skincare device on the market? A lot can change in a couple of years, and when it comes to the skincare industry, things tend to double-time.
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Beauty and Personal Care Trend 2017 |
Mintel Beauty & Personal Care (BPC) has announced 'Active Beauty' as a key trend set to impact the global beauty and personal care industry in 2017. Consumers are being encouraged to exercise their bodies and brains, and beauty brands will formulate products to help them in their quest for health and fitness.
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